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Here at, we present all content to you free of charge. To help pay for the site, the hosting, the SEO, contributing authors, etc we have configured two forms of revenue. In the interest of openness and integrity, we like to tell our readers how we operate by discussing our affiliates & advertising.


We have one affiliate – Coinspot ( ) – When you click on buy/sell crypto, you will be directed to – If you sign up and buy any coins, we receive a small affiliate payment. This payment does not come from you – it comes from Coinspot themselves.


We post Google ads on our site also – Ads are generally related to your interests. We get a small payment from Google if you click on one of our sponsored ads.

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Please note

Affiliate links and Google ads do not even cover the cost of hosting at this stage of the site, so please don’t think we are making squillions of dollars from the site – We are not. The aim of this site is to share information about this new crypto-craze we find ourselves surrounded by.

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